A greener Golden Chain


Introducing "Ringer" our green and golden bell frog

Golden Chain will be even greener in 2012 and ringer is our emblem.

We are proud to say that over 85% of Golden Chain properties have gained our environmental qualification. Ask at any of our properties for more information. We have introduced an environmental awareness program, to encourage our member properties to introduce a selection of environmentally friendly projects to save our valuable resources.

Participating properties have committed to the implementationof at least 10 initiatives, and theseare some of the examples.


Energy efficient light bulbs - energy savers in rooms - solar or gas hot water - timed lighting or power - reduced consumption initiatives - ceiling and wall insulation - efficient ventilation reducing the need for air conditioning - external window shutters or tinting.


Waste Minimisation Management

Recycling waste (grey) water - recycling (through council) cans, bottles, paper, green waste etc - re-use of copy or fax paper, plastic bags - composting food waste - use of natural cleaners not chemical based - use of recycled paper products.


Water Management

Restricted flow showers, taps - dual flush toilets - re-use of towels and linen by request - instillation of rain water tanks - tap washer maintenance - restricted use of hoses (cars, pathways, gardens etc)